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We are here to just send Wide Open Throttle into the future by giving our customers exceptional  designs, products and services. We create all original sled wraps as well as ATVs & Motocross. We also do Fleet Graphics and Custom SWAG for your business !


Our love for Snow & Powder drives our creativity !


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We always aim to please ! Here at WOT Graphics we specialize in sled wraps but we will work with you from start to finish on your design. Either choose one of our already custom made wraps or have us design something completely one off custom ! additional costs may apply.

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In a world where you gotta be fast or last ! We will make your ride look as badass as the guy that just passed you ! we specialize in

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When I first met Chris i could tell he was the guy to design my wrap ! He made a few revisions sent me the proof and all I can say is WOW ! Awesome !
Bobby Kenny
Orange, CA
The guys at WOT are truly dedicated to their craft ! And they ride ! If your looking for top notch customer service and great value this is the place to go !
Steve J
Red Deer
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Our wraps are made of some of the toughest materials known to man. We have a proprietary source which gives us an extreme advantage over the competition. But still allows us to keep costs down. Don’t be fooled by lower quality or inferior products. Its your baby let us wrap her right ! We also specialize in ski doo sled wraps

Things to Know Before Installing Your New Sled Wrap

With cold weather on the horizon, snowmobile season is fast approaching. It will not be long before snowmobile enthusiasts find themselves daydreaming about hitting the powder all day, anxious to get their sled out as soon as possible. Those who have been riding the same sled for a few seasons might feel less enthusiastic than they have in the past, but buying a new sled can be a significant financial investment.

Fortunately, there is an excellent way to get the “new sled” feeling without coming up with the cash for one. Ski doo Sled wraps give an older snowmobile a fresh look without the hefty price tag and help protect it from outer wear and tear. There are some excellent options at Wide Open Throttle Graphics for custom sled wraps that fit the rider’s style, and now is the perfect time to start thinking about installing a new one.


Adhesive Remover

Before the Installation

Installing a Klim sled wrap kit is a fun way for a snowmobile lover to get their hands on their sled before the season kicks off. However, it is crucial to have the right tools for the job on hand. These tools include:

Heat Gun

A heat gun is essential to installing a Polaris sled wrap. It will help remove old decals and install new ones, but it is critical to avoid overheating the new decal. This could damage it and ruin the look of the new wrap.

To avoid overheating, use a gun that has multiple heat settings. Some heat guns come with a built-in LCD screen that shows its temperature reading, making it easy to gauge if it’s cool enough to use on the wrap.

Razor Blade

A razor blade may be a simple tool, but it is an important one for a sled wraps ski doo installation project. Old decals need to be removed slowly and carefully to avoid damaging the bike, and a razor blade helps separate the old vinyl without damaging the sled itself.

Adhesive remover is essential to sled wrap installation as it removes anything leftover from the old decal. Installing a sled wrap over old sticky residue will result in an uneven wrap installation that may eventually peel away from the sled. Goo Gone is an excellent option adhesive remover in this circumstance.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is essential to the wrap installation process. It thoroughly cleans the sled surface so that there are no residues or leftover particles that can keep the new decals from adhering correctly.

Installing the New Sled Wrap

After getting all the tools together, it is time to start the best sled wrap installation. It is vital to do this work inside a warm garage, as cold weather will make the whole process much slower. Below is a summary of how to install a new sled wrap.

Wet Installation vs. Dry Installation

Before preparing the sled for its new graphics, it is essential to decide what installation method to use. A person’s preferred method depends on their experience with best sled wraps and the kind of vinyl they are using. There are pros and cons to both ways, which include:

Wet Installation Pros & Cons

Wet wrap installation is the best option for less experienced installers or those who want to avoid making permanent mistakes when placing their vinyl on the sled. The wet installation method uses an application fluid that prevents the adhesive from sticking permanently for a short time. The decal will float on the sled surface, which allows it to be moved into the perfect position without ripping it off and starting over.

This method requires a squeegee to remove excess fluid from underneath the decal once it’s placed. Leaving moisture under the decal can cause the edges to lift and for it to crack. This makes it more challenging for applying to curved surfaces, and the process takes longer than the dry installation method.

Dry Installation Pros & Cons

Dry installation is a much quicker way of installing a sled wrap. For those in a hurry and who have the experience to pull it off, the dry installation method is the best way to go. With the dry installation method, the wrap cannot be re-positioned while still on the sled, making it a challenge to get it positioned perfectly on the first try.

If the wrap is not positioned correctly on the first try, it will need to be removed and repositioned. Doing this could damage the vinyl wrap and the sled itself, but it is not impossible.

Prep the Vehicle

After choosing an installation method, riders can start prepping their sled for its new wrap. Doing this involves removing the old sled wrap carefully with a heat gun and razor blade. After this is finished, the sled must have all the old adhesive and dirt removed.

Before applying the new wrap, it is essential to remove the intake screens and headlight pods. Doing this avoids damaging them with the heat gun.

Start with Smaller Pieces

Smaller pieces should be installed first, so the installer has the time to get familiar with the material. This helps them practice the installation method on small areas, such as the headlight pod, before moving onto the larger side panels, where mistakes will be more noticeable. When installing the side panel, the best way to get an accurate positioning is to start with the center piece and work outwards from there.

Post Heat the Wrap

Post-heating is an essential step for getting a smooth, professional-looking finish. Areas where the vinyl has been stretched are the most important places to focus on, such as recessed areas and curves. These are the most likely places where lifting could occur, and post-heating them will ensure that the bond is strong enough to prevent that from happening.

Final Thoughts

Snowmobile season is coming fast, and snowmobile enthusiasts will be clambering to be the best on the trail. Having a new, eye-catching wrap will give riders a confidence boost and make them feel like they are riding their snowmobile for the first time.

Sled Wrap in time lapse photography

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